Johann Baptist Wendling

Johann Baptist Wendling (1723-1797) was an eighteenth-century flautist and composer, acknowledged as one of the finest virtuosos of his day. He held the position of first flute in the famous Mannheim court orchestra during its golden age. He was renowned throughout Europe due to his many concert tours and the publication of his compositions, and he had personal contact with both J. C. Bach and W. A. Mozart, significantly influencing their writing for the flute. He was an important figure in the history of the flute, of equal importance to Blavet, Quantz, and Devienne.

Source: Emily Jill GUNSON: “Johann Baptist Wendling (1723–1797): Life, Works, Artistry, and Influence; including a Thematic Catalogue of all his Compositions” (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Western Australia, 1999)